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Fiona Dunsire appointed UK CEO for Mercer
 Mercer has announced
that Fiona Dunsire has
been appointed UK market
leader and CEO. She
previously worked as
senior client leader in
Mercer’s investments
business, advising
clients on the full
range of investment
consulting services.
Prior to that, she was
business leader for
Mercer’s investment
consulting business in
the UK for over five
years. Dunsire has been
a member of several
leadership teams within
 Mercer advising on high
profile cross-business
including Mercer’s
Workplace Savings
   “I’m very pleased to
be appointed UK chief
executive and am looking
forward to the
challenges ahead,” she
commented. “Mercer will
continue to provide
excellent pensions and
benefit advice to our
trustee clients, but our
market is changing and,
in the years ahead, we
 will be looking to
further develop our
relationship with
companies on all aspects
of their people and
benefit strategies.
   “Companies will
continue to need
Mercer’s support in
developing effective
defined contribution
schemes and managing the
risk posed by their
defined benefit pension
schemes. However, we are
increasingly being
called on to advise
companies on how to
 attract, motivate and
manage the best talent,”
she continued.
“Historically, we have
been ahead of the
competition in
delivering products and
services that address
specific client
problems. I can see
tremendous opportunity
in bringing Mercer’s
expertise to bear on the
broader issues faced by
human resources and
finance directors.”
   Simon O’Regan, Mercer
president for Europe and
 the Pacific, said: “The
UK is a key part of our
global business. We have
grown strongly in the UK
in recent years, driven
by our commitment to
innovation focused on
addressing our clients’
needs. We are excited to
have someone of Fiona’s
experience and
capability to lead our
business going forward.”
Applications rocket 300% for London-based apprenticeship jobs at PwC
 Applications to
professional services
firm PwC, for their
London based Higher
Apprenticeship and
School Leaver programme
have risen 318% since
the financial crisis
began, as the City gears
up for one of the
largest ever
Apprenticeship fairs in
Hackney on Wednesday.
   Applications from
London and the surrounds
to the firm’s school
leaver programmes
doubled last year to
over 1000, as over 30
new Higher
Apprenticeship jobs were
created in the firm’s
London Bridge and
Embankment based
Consulting and Tax
teams. 40% of all
applications nationwide
for student level jobs
were for London roles.
   PwC has recruited
London school leavers
for over ten years, and
last year the firm
launched the first ever
nationally recognised
Higher Apprenticeship
for the professional
services industry. The
programme offers
students the chance to
earn while they learn,
and work towards an
recognised industry
qualification in tax,
consulting or audit.
This year the firm will
recruit around 50 Higher
Apprentices in London in
Tax and Consulting.
   Richard Irwin, head
of recruitment said:
“London’s always a
popular choice for our
graduate jobs, but the
level of interest in the
Higher Apprenticeship
 helped them decide on a
   However just 11% had
the opportunity to hear
from at least three
working professionals
before leaving school or
   Gaenor Bagley, head
of people, PwC said: “We
have to demystify the
world of work, business
and young people’s
options for study if we
are to realistically
attract a wider range of
people to the
professions and the
   “With the routes into
work and training
changing so radically
over the past five
years, Higher
Apprenticeships are a
simple idea, with far
–reaching consequences
for development of
 business skills, to
support UK growth.”
   “The cost of raising
awareness is low, and
there is much to gain
for both employers and
students from events as
simple as an open day,
or presentation on how
someone’s skills and
training led them to the
job they do.”
   PwC will run a series
of workshops at the
Careers Fair, providing
personal career stories
from PwC's own staff on
job options in the
industry, a survival
guide to job interviews
and applications, and
Q&As on Higher
Apprenticeships at the
firm with recent new
 proves that students are
seriously considering
alternatives, and are
waking up to the fact
that not all City
careers in the future
will have to start with
   A recent study by the
Education & Employers
Taskforce on perceptions
of Apprenticeships
reported that 88% of
young adults who heard
from three or more
employers about careers
while at school say it
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